A brilliant musician. Beautiful music... and so relaxing to listen to. Wonderfully done!”

Stefan Waldman - Hudson Valley Jam

Wow... so beautiful... an amazing musician!”

Helga Ancona - KSFR 101.1fm Santa Fe Public Radio

That something remarkable is going on leaps out from the beginning of "Joyful Sighs & Soulful Hymns." The lyrics and the music provide a deeply moving journey for the listener… Many of us live our musical lives in more than one musical genre. In his own unique way, Mark Davenport brings several of his musical communities together in a remarkably creative and effective venture.”

— Tom Bickley, American Recorder (Winter, 2013)

To me, the most vital aspect of Mark's new album is its emotional power. His lyrics and singing are translucent in a way that I can only characterize as honest and truthful, and the arrangements and instrumental performances support that truthfulness. The entire song cycle is beautifully conceived and carried out; because every single aspect is at such a high level, from choices of instrumentation to tuning to production values, it's possible--the music demands us--to completely surrender to the unfolding emotional and intellectual journey that he takes us on. It's clear that many of the lyrics stem from personal experiences, but there's plenty of room for the listener to inhabit that dream world along with him. That's the beauty of a through-conceived cycle, and this one really works. For me, at least, it's kind of the perfect music. Renaissance music and rock music in a glorious synthesis!”

— Johanna Maria Rose - founder, member, Anonymous 4

A very poignant collection. Sweet, heartfelt, and rich with spiritual generosity!”

— Bob Thiele - producer, music supervisor (FX Network/Sons of Anarchy), Hollywood, California

If I Were A Prince" is the hit single of the album. Beautiful! Excellent mix, smooth ensemble and vocal harmony, and a song to hear again and again. Great work!”

— Garby Francis Leon - Pianist/ Composer, Harvard Professor and 20th Century Fox Consultant

“If I Were A Prince” realistically combines elements, styles and life's autobiographical messages seamlessly. Most music that is repeatedly compelling seems neoclassic and/ or seamless understating of newness, combining elements, nurturing others' work. When combined with a personal message in one package, it has the ability to appear to change form and serve the listener in different ways at different times. Debussy told Ravel not to change a note of his string quartet when a pre-publication score was examined. Stravinsky was not shy about his understanding the best of Tchaikovsky. You are not shy about your musical DNA, the contained emotion, empathy and making it all happen as one. Your piece has a serenity reminiscent of the time bubbles created by Satie. This is a fine direction and very fine work.”

— Steven Silverstein - professional musician/ recording artist/ instrument builder

Full Circle: Songs on the Carousel of Time is an evocative, complicated, moving piece of work. And I thoroughly enjoyed listening to its many simultaneous layers of sound, history, and meaning. The work just bursts with a love of life, an embrace of a multifarious relationship to music and musicians, an urge to create and share and spread the wealth of connection.”

— Nancy Koppleman - educator (American Studies/Evergreen State College, Oregon)

Inspiring, beautiful. Intelligence with heart.”

— Eve Haslem - Business Coach, Ashville, North Carolina

He draws from his life experiences and inspiration when creating music having penned nearly 300 songs since he was a teen.”

— Kimberli Turner - Louisville Times