From the recording 7 Dance (All Night Long)

“Dance (All Night Long)” continues to ask the listener to imagine. People whistling and clapping evoke a small club atmosphere. A needle dropping on a record signifies a discothèque from the day when DJ’s still played records! But the fabricated image is broken when my son Zack asks “Dad, didn’t you used to play in a funk band?” The unanswered question is given an implied “yes” when the funky keyboard lick enters with characteristic percussive dominant 9 chords… and the song quickly takes on a more autobiographical slant.

The track was inspired by years of working in NY area funk dance bands in the 70s and 80s. With the group 4 On The Floor (c. 1978-1983), we played the song in clubs in its earlier version and actually recorded basic tracks in 1983, but the band split before we were able to finish it. I tried to recapture the live feel in front of the dance floor at our gigs at The Office in Nyack.