From the recording 9 Your Time Will Come

"Your Time Will Come" is from a catalogue of some 30+ songs co-penned with Bill Page, my songwriting partner from 1985-1992. The tune has gone through several significant revisions since it was first recorded with producer Jack Douglas for the Late Show Project (aka Page & Davenport). The original version was recorded in 1989 and, in fact, I remember the exact date (January 31) because that was the day my second son, Zack, was born. Jack was doing the final mix for the song in my home studio when my wife “suggested” we make our way to the hospital… and make our way we did. I later revised the chorus for Vox Humana, in 1992, and it became a staple of our original performing set. This version is similar to the Vox Humana arrangement but the lyrics have been largely rewritten to reflect the new direction—a song about believing in yourself and following your dreams. This song really comes full circle for me because my son Miles is doing the great guitar work. He was only three when Jack was mixing the song in our house—and he used to sing it with a red plastic guitar from Target; Twenty years later he’s playing on it!

Here the pace is picked back up. The “piano/time motive” is heard in the intro, choruses, and break, by the repetitive arpeggios of Miles’ electric guitar playing, rather than the piano. This is another song about the passing of time, of fate, of lost friends and lovers. But while many dreams “have seemed to slip away… there are new songs on the radio, and new dreams to embrace.” In this last original song on the album, the most optimistic message on the album (introduced earlier in the Prologue) is repeated… “keep dreaming, keep believing, there’s a new day and better place for everyone… and you’ll be alright.”