From the recording 6 Love Will Find a Way

The second half of the album takes on a more reflective tone, from the viewpoint of one who has (literally) lived more and experienced more of life. “Love Will Find a Way” pays homage to John Lennon and is meant to emulate his incredible music and life that lives on in a spirit of peace and love. Quotes of nearly a dozen Lennon songs, both in musical passages and lyric references, are pieced together (like an aural quilt) to create a fictional but universally understood story of love that is lost, then found. The idea was inspired by hearing a pickup band play one afternoon in Central Park, at Strawberry Fields, Lennon’s moving memorial. Hundreds of passersby stood and sang along with the band to a string of Beatles songs. While the story is imagined, the experience of being in Central Park, singing around the circular mosaic sign of “IMAGINE,” was certainly genuine. Echoing Lennon’s “All You Need Is Love,” listeners of the song are asked to “Imagine a place where musician’s play, love will find a way.”