From the recording 10 The Circle Game

The album concludes with a Joni Mitchell cover, and a touch of irony. Mitchell was only 19 years old when she wrote this song about an older parent reflecting on her life as a mother of grown children. She could only have imagined what that feels like. When I sing the song I know what that feels like, as I have watched our two boys grow over the years into beautiful young adults. As mentioned in the CD booklet, the final verse (“So the years spin by and now the boy is twenty”) really hits home, as that is how old our youngest son Zack is right now. The basic drum track (kick, snare, side stick, and congas) is identical to the basic drum track for the introduction and bridge sections of “Sea of Hope,” and is the major thread linking this final track to the central one. The final line of the last verse neatly ties together the first stated subject of the album, heard in the Prologue (dreams) and again in “Your Time Will Come:” “There’ll be new dreams maybe better dreams, and plenty, before the last revolving year is through.” The message is not only for our children, but for all of us on the carousel of time.